This is Trikoot’s perpetual dream list of things I do not own yet, but hope to one day.

Item Price
Fetters LM09 Inflatable Flat Palm Mitts (w/o internal spikes) 125 GBP
Fetters SJ09 Suspension Strait Jacket, size small 1379 GBP
Fetters W-SS06 Deluxe Leathe Lined Sleep Sack, size small 1495 GBP
Blackstyle 40003 Latex hood, rear zip (Black/0.6mm/Medium/Perforated Eyes/Without blindfold/Without nose tubes/Mouth open/Without D-rings/Without collar/Standard zip) 85 EUR
Blackstyle 40029 Breath reduction mask (size medium) 98 EUR
Mr. S Leather HT082 The Puffy Hood (open mouth, no collar) 395 USD
Mr. S Leather SL034 Padded Fist Mitts 189 USD
Posey 8118 Straitjacket Size M (green collar) Discontinued