Personal kinky blogs

These are all interesting personal blogs that I read with the awesome Google Reader feed viewer.

» Delusions from A Padded Cell, RubberAsylum’s awesome blog.
» All American Kinkster The blog of RubberedStud, a hot stud from Rhode Island.
» Asicswrestone Frequently updated adventures into sneakers, jeans and Poseys.
» Mikey’s Bondage Den27 year-old collared pup from California.
» Bob Wingate’s Blog The Legend behind Bound & Gagged.
» Fox Bound Patrick from the Netherlands, into fetish and bondage.
» Lycra Keen The man behind this lycra photo blog is “20-something, skinny, quite intelligent, single”… interesting.
» Metal Bond Dedicated to the physically restrained male.
» Strait Acting Blog of Straitjacketed, a bondage enthusiast from the UK.
» The Fox Den (Tynan Fox) Why do all the cool guys live in remote places like Minnesota? :O
» Rubber Canuck A rubber and bondage gearhead from Vancouver.
» Ruff’s Stuff Nuff said.
» Pup Loki “Reasonably good looking” young couple from Central London.
» Down The Rabbit Hole “A ‘wiki’ of random, yet somehow pertinent, factoids interspersed with eye candy.”
» Nick Moretti A candid peek into the life of a porn star recently featured in several videos.
» ZentaiSpot Cute puppy from UK.
» Sethboyardee Presents: Sports Gear Photos Get your daily sports gear porn fix here.
» Trapper Smith A bondage adventure blog whose author I envy, for he has been in the inner sanctum of


» Ataron A nice kinky guy from Belgium.