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Full Video: Don’t Drop The Key

// January 16th, 2018 // No Comments » // Video

Full video: Will PupCake manage to escape from these Humane Restraint medical restraints — even when he has the key, but he can’t see anything?

Video: RootT’s Three Hour Edging Challenge

// December 16th, 2017 // No Comments » // Video

RootT asked to be edged for three hours. Me and rbr524 were happy to help. We strapped him in full rubber into my Segufix set, and added some breath control and poppers. This video shows the last moments of it. Filmed in my playroom in December 2017.

Video: Will rubrpain come before his air runs out?

// April 29th, 2017 // No Comments » // Video

Rubrpain is in tight bondage, and breathing from a SCUBA tank that’s nearly empty. Will he cum in time?

Video: TacticalJackal puts Trikoot on the operating table

// December 22nd, 2016 // No Comments » // Video

Visited TacticalJackal in Florida in December, 2016. He was kind enough to tie me up on his awesome US Military Field Operating Room Table and subjecting me to unrelentless tormenting.

Video: Standing straight jacket and CBT

// August 14th, 2016 // No Comments » // Video

Previously unpublished material: Visited Sleepmode in February 2014, strung him up standing in his leather strait jacket and did some CBT and bagging.