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FAQ: Poppers and Eye Damage

This is a follow-up to the original article about poppers and their ability to cause permanent eye damage. If you haven’t read the original article, please do, as it details the actual medical way the damage is being done. Isn’t … Continue reading

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How To Stop People From Stealing Your Photos

The only way to stop people from stealing your kinky images and other media is to never put it online, ever. If you destroy your awesome media by using intrusive watermarks, or remove your profile because you’re upset, terrorists win. Most people … Continue reading

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Full Video: Don’t Drop The Key

Full video: Will PupCake manage to escape from these Humane Restraint medical restraints — even when he has the key, but he can’t see anything?

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How dangerous is it to leave a sub alone?

Being left alone helpless to enjoy your bondage is a common fantasy among kinksters. It’s the ultimate form of consensual non-consensuality: there’s no way out, if there’s nobody there to release you.   We all know the fundamental rule of … Continue reading

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