Pictures: Quälgeist Bondage Weekend in Berlin

Last month I had the privilege of attending a Bondage Weekend (Bondage-Wochenende) in what can only be described as the best BDSM club in Berlin, Quälgeist. The Bondage Weekend is a special event held a few times a year with an unique concept: guests arrive at the club on Friday evening and will stay indoors until Sunday afternoon. This means almost 48 continuous hours of opportunities for socializing, drinking, eating, sleeping, and wait for it… bondage!

It was my first weekend of such kind and initially I was quite reluctant to participate in something whose concept I could not at the time fully grasp. Luckily a dear friend from Finland kept asking me to join him for the weekend, and eventually I agreed — a decision which I will not regret a second!

So, on a nice Friday evening both me and my friend arrived at the Quälgeist, and encountered a warm welcome by the weekend organizers, followed by the obligatory practical matters. From the start, the sheer professionality of the organization and the venue surprised me pleasantly. Two common safewords were issued for the weekend: one to stop the action and one to signal that the safeword user wishes to end his weekend immediately. Luckily — to my knowledge — neither one was used at all.

After the practicalities and some informal talking with fellow bondage enthusiasts, it was time for the Friday dinner. The weekend included meals, which were professionally prepared and featured mostly German delicacies, not known for their light calorie content, but then again, you wouldn’t want to run out of energy in the middle of the action! Along with dinner there was an introductory round, where everyone mentioned their name and major interests.

After dinner it was time to start the playing. Quälgeist has excellent facilities for bondage, and of course every visitor had also brought as much bondage gear as humanly possible for the weekend. As a marvel of German ingenuity, every visitor had submitted his kinky preferences in advance, and these preferences were printed on a wall for everyone to see.

I will not walk you through all the situations of the weekend, because they were too numerous to remember or describe. Suffice to say, me and my Finnish friend both had a great time and hmm… his balls and my arm hurt after the weekend 😉

I will definitely go to Quälgeist Bondage Weekend again, because in my opinion, it’s unique in three different ways:

1) Due to strict preregistration and screening (there are more applicants than space at the venue), you are in a group of genuine BDSM enthusiasts whose full identities are known to the organizers. This creates unique safety circumstances that allow you to play with people you haven’t met before, something that you could not do in a regular club, if you are safety conscious.

2) Because the weekend is almost 48 hours long, and you cannot leave in the middle without ending your weekend, there is no rush to do anything. On a normal club night people have a predictable pattern where they first drink and socialize, then play, and usually run out of time. This does not happen here.

3) Because the facilities and arrangements are so good, it gives the possibility to do semi-public play and long-term bondage (even overnight), both of which are not that feasible in other circumstances.