The Arduino-Powered Breath Control Machine

I have constructed my own electronically powered breath control machine, based on the open Arduino microprocessor family.

The following is a diagram of the structure of the machine:


The machine has two valves.

Valve #1 has two positions: 1) Passthrough, air is coming through the rebreathing/fresh air circuit; 2) Poppers, fresh air is coming directly through the poppers container, no air is going through the rebreathing/fresh air

If Valve #1 is in the “poppers” mode, position of Valve #2 is meaningless since air is not going through it.

Valve #2 has two positions: 1) Fresh air, user is getting fresh air from valve #2; 2) Rebreathing, user is getting used air from the rebreathing bag.

Regardless of the positions of the valves, all used air from the user goes to the rebreathing bag. Overflow of used air leaks out through the regulation valve.

The valves are controlled with 12 v direct current, by a relay board attached to the Arduino.

The following are the elecrical components used: