Encounter with Fossil9

// May 22nd, 2013 // Uncategorized

I’ve been a long time fan of Fossil9, not only for the obvious reason of drooling at a hot master who obviously knows what he is doing, but also for the fact that in his blog posts he often reveals his deeper understanding of the psychology and social dynamics behind interesting and successful BDSM sessions.

I was therefore elated to be incidentally in the geographical vicinity of him and his partner recently. We had been exchanging a few messages in the past, and the practical arrangements of an encounter were soon sorted out.

The encounter followed the natural sequence of a pre-chat, actual session, and debriefing, the first and last of which allowed me to see the person behind the hot pictures in quite detail. As I had guessed from his writings, he is a person of intelligence, kindness and professionality, and outside the session we discussed a myriad of topics from politics to the pros and cons of metal restraints.

As I am too lazy to write pornographic text of the actual session, the photographs below will have to suffice.