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Detailed schedule for IML 2016

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Location: Chicago, IL
Time period: Wed 25 May – Tue 31 May inclusive

WORK COPY, LAST UPDATED May 24, 2016 at 2:33 pm CET.

Wednesday 25 May
2pm – Arrival
4pm – midnight Reserved (play)

Thursday 26 May
11am – FREE
1:30pm – Reserved (social event)
7pm – Reserved (play)

Friday 27 May
11am – Reserved (play)
2pm – Reserved (play)
6pm – Reserved (play)
8pm – The Rubber Meet And Greet, Congress Plaza Hotel
10pm – Gearblast, Congress Plaza Hotel

Saturday 28 May
10am- Brunch + IML Leather market (reserved)
2pm – FREE
7pm – FREE
11pm – FREE

Sunday 29 May
10am – Reserved (play)
2pm – Reserved (play)
6pm – Reserved (play)
10pm – Reserved (CHC Play Party)

Monday 30 May
10am – Reserved (play)
2pm – FREE
6pm – midnight Reserved (social event)

Tuesday 31 May
10am – FREE
1pm – FREE
6pm Departure

Video: Cumming With Electro Inside a Leather Sack

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Travelled to Copenhagen to spend some time with GearfetishDK. He offered me a nice ride in his leather sack. I was wired up with electro and I came inside the sack.

Video: Hands Free Orgasm with Electro

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Just a short clip of me tied up in my bondage chair, achieving an explosive hands-free orgasm with some electro.

Video: Anonymous Rubber Gimp in Segufix

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An anonymous rubber gimp visited my playroom in April 2016. I put it in my Segufix, added an ECG monitor and some electro. It came.

Merciless milking on the bondage chair in ice hockey gear

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Rubbercraze visited my playroom in Helsinki, Finland in January 2016. I strapped him into my bondage chair in full ice hockey gear, and subjected him to some merciless milking with the Venus 2000, and used some poppers on him has well.